Wood and aluminium frames


Wood and aluminium frames match the solidity of aluminium with the durability of wood, creating an exclusive blend which redefines the concept of material.

Density, property of both aluminium and wood, further facilitates the resistance to the wear of time, atmospheric agents and noise pollution, moreover, wood and aluminium frames are aesthetically refined and elegant. We are talking about fixtures which are: natural, technological and good-looking at the same time. They combine two raw materials very different among themselves: from one side we have wood, great in sensorial and thermal properties as it instils warmth, from the other, solid, reliable and easy to maintain, there is stell.

In terms of performance the wood and aluminium frame is one of a kind, not only as it does not distort as time and season pass, but the costs and the effort in maintenance are practically non-existent. Bad-weather resistant, these two materials are also perfect thermal insulators, providing high thermal performances.

Security is, then, another point in favour of wood and aluminium frames, which are equipped with innovative mechanisms to protect from breaking and entering and shocks.

Why choose wood and aluminium frames?

The keywords to comprehend these frames efficiency are: seal, endurance, sound-proof, thermal insulation and safety, both against attempts of breaking and entering and against potential matters during the production phase.

  • Air permeability: ensures protection up to 115km/h winds, avoiding not only wind from coming in, but also dust and smog.
  • Water resistance: say no to infiltrations and following damages, no to gust of wind, as these will not be able to scratch the closing points of the fixtures and their remarkable firmness.
  • Sound-proofing: with the possibility of choosing a multiple layered glass that protects the entire house and family until 44 decibel, as well as wide windows with highly insulating profiles, to have warm rooms in winter and fresh and nice spaces during the summer season.
  • The frame which combines wood and aluminium is burglar-resistant and it prevents the opening of the fixture from the outside. It can be further reinforced by adding concealed hinges.
  • It is also important to point out that they are free of harmful substances, as we exclusively rely on tested and high-quality materials and compounds.
  • The environmental impact is also very low: wood is one of the eco-friendliest materials, while aluminium is sustainable and 100% recyclable. Thanks to the most recent discoveries regarding lamellar technology for the use of wood in an ethical way and the process of recasting of aluminium, such a frame contributes to the environmental safety, not being a burden for the planet but making space more sustainable instead.

Wood and aluminium frames: elegance and adaptability

Lightness, malleability and a gran dynamicity are the surprising characteristics of these two materials which, combined, can adapt to any kind of space or necessity of furniture. Inside the structure, wood lends warmth and solidity, infusing the essence of a cosy space.

The aluminium cladding gives that extra touch of contrast and protection as it is applied on wood with specific clips, allowing both materials to breath and adjust, fully expressing their features without constraints.

Glass is no less important to make the difference between a top quality window and a simple but less effective imitation. It must be chosen with care, to limit the energetic waste and guarantee all the housing benefits requested: from the low-emission to the double glazing, there are plenty of options and all of them can be combined with wood and aluminium frames chosen by the client, to endure not only the dagames and wear of time, but also stress and temperature leaps.

Colour is an advantage of this structure as it matches the warm tones of wood with modernity and metal shades, that can always be enhanced using non-invasive, eco-friendly paints. The possible aesthetic lines are countless, making the assortment wide and suitable for any request, to have the best results in terms of quality and harmony of space.

Various finishings and colours available: customise your wood and aluminium frames

The wooden finishings – as wood is a natural, robust and excellent raw material – have what it takes to infuse harmony to the furniture, inspiring through colours a unique sense of strength and elegance. Aluminium, on the other hand, is the solution based on innovation and technology (here more info regarding aluminium and its production), thanks to its optimal resistance to water and air – requiring therefore a minimum upkeep – and its two-phases painting, which fully respects the European norms on the subject.

A valid, long-lasting and sustainable product which combines, in one, the strength and firmness of aluminium, representing technology, and the natural imperturbability of wood, that, with its warmth, was able to make places look cosier for centuries.

Our wood and aluminium frames are versatile and could be customised based on necessity, to adapt to your environment with elegance and enviable performances.

To get further info do not hesitate to contact us: one of our experts will be immediately available for a free visit without commitment to your location or to organise a meeting at our showroom.

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