Frames in Riccione

PVC, wooden and aluminium frames in Riccione

If leaving something to chance is not your cup of tea, Futura Infissi can help you find the most suitable frames in Riccione, specifically for your needs. Our doors and windows are different from others as we pay full attention to the qualitative aspect of the raw materials of our choice, constantly maintaining the highest standards. We have been a leading company in the field for over 15 years, guiding our customers with care and offering top quality products, combined with a reliable and professional service.

Our frames in Riccione allow to protect not only people, but the house itself from atmospheric agents and external hazards: this is why choosing them carefully, paying attention to their structure and materials is so important.

PVC frames in Riccione: the best quality-price ratio

PVC is a thermoplastic material which assures a fantastic thermal insulation, it is also lightweight, easy to maintain, resistant and has a favourable quality-price ratio. It can be customised in a great variety of shapes, types and finishings, and is one of the most used materials as, contributing to keep constant the indoor temperature, permits to save energy in a considerable amount, both in terms of cooling and warming.

Aluminium frames in Riccione: sturdiness and lightness combined

Aluminium does not undergo structural alterations over time. It is also inexpensive, light and easy to work with, plus, by using the thermal-break aluminium – in which the external part is separated from the internal one by a plastic profile – a better insulation and a reduction of humidity in the internal surface is guaranteed. The aluminium frames in Riccione are characterised by resistance and by the modern style they show once they are installed.

Wooden frames in Riccione: a traditional material

Despite being a delicate material, the advanced working methods applied by the team of Futura Infissi for the realisation of wooden frames in Riccione, allows wood to be nothing less than the more modern PVC or aluminium, with a great, classic style which spreads a sense of comfort, cosiness and familiar warmth all around the place.


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