About us


Competence and dedication are essential elements for the good outcome of a project. Futura Infissi is based on this principle ever since its foundation, fifteen years ago, when a group of specialised artisans in the production of aluminium doors and windows and the installation of any type of fixtures, decided to cooperate under the same brand. By combining passion, ability and ideas our team started an innovative-concept company, marked by accurate attention for the qualitative aspect of the raw materials and the strong reliability upon which every costumer can count.

Futura Infissi works on the whole territory of the Marche region and its surrounding areas, offering free visits and estimates, for any kind of products and requirements, from private individuals to companies to public bodies. The key element of our company is the use of high-quality materials, treated in detail, in order to guarantee not only the manufacture of products that possess high aesthetic and structural value, but that are also long-lasting. It must not be forgotten that safety, optimum thermal and acoustic efficiency and functionality are also fundamental values through which we assure the best performance, with the minimum impact.

The leading aim that the entire team of Futura Infissi seeks every day and that represents our actual driving force is to prove competence and dedication, not only by creating excellent projects, but also by guaranteeing a trustworthy service, which is certain and long-lasting. Futura Infissi has a team of professionals, which, through their experience, turn simple raw materials such as aluminium and wood into final products, ready to be used, taking care of the placement too, wherever needed.

Ask for a free estimate or a visit and one of our experts will come back to you, advising and guiding you in choosing.

Futura Infissi Fano: our history is long-lasting and solid just like our products.

The attention to quality does not stop in the creation and supply of doors and windows, but it continues in the installation phase. Futura Infissi can count on a team of qualified installers and we are, therefore, able to guarantee a perfect installation and setup.