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PVC, wood and aluminium frames in Fano

Futura Infissi was founded in 2001 in Fano, following the idea of a group of professional artisans and it is now a leading company in the production and installation of any kind of frame for doors and windows. Futura Infissi designs and produces frame systems made of PVC, aluminium and wood, able to satisfy the technical and stylistic requests of the market. Thanks to the use of advanced materials which are ductile and increasingly resistant, frames in Fano are designed to assure privacy and protection from cold, hot temperatures, noises and to discourage potential dangers and attempts to break-in.

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PVC frames in Fano are made of a particular thermoplastic material, which allows an optimal thermal insulation, they are also light, easy to maintain, resistant to the atmospheric agents, for an affordable price. PVC is, moreover, the right material for realising various types, shapes, sizes and finishings, besides being one of the most frequently used in the field, thanks to its ability to maintain the indoor temperature unaltered, directly affecting the heating and cooling system consumptions.

PVC frames: the features

Polyvinyl Chloride: this is what PVC means. It is a thermoplastic material obtained by combining chlorine, hydrogen and carbon. What distinguishes the objects created using this material? Versatility of usage and customisation.

Polyvinyl Chloride is the most important among polymerics obtained from vinylic monomers and, still today, is one of the plastic materials most frequently used in the industrial field. PVC is, in fact, highly malleable during work procedures, even though it remains solid and sturdy once the product is finished.

How is it possible for PVC to be malleable and strong at the same time? Simple. During the production phase it is combined with large amounts of other organic and plastic components, becoming increasingly easier to handle.

Consisting of almost 60% of chloride and, for the rest, of hydrogen and carbon, during the manufacturing stabilisers and lubricants are added to make it suitable for any use: from the chirurgical sector to fashion, passing through design and constructions. To define PVC, we can say it is safe, polyhedric, robust, nontoxic and aesthetically charming.

Discovered by accident at the end of 1800, it was patented in the first years of the XX century, and it is essential nowadays, especially in the creation of high-quality PVC frames. Compared to the past the up-to-date working techniques permitted to eliminate every fossil component used in the production phase, making PVC sustainable. Also, the emissions it generates are low and, once the product is not useful anymore, it can be easily recycled.

Fano: PVC frames by Futura

Futura Infissi produces its quality frames in Fano. Our frames are realised in polyvinyl chloride, maintaining high-performances and retracing with perfection all the advantages of the raw material they are made of. Moreover, thanks to the easy malleability of the element during the working phase they can be shaped ad hoc and personalised according to the client’s desires. The PVC frames we produce can match with the design and furniture of any sort of house or office.

They differ from classic frames for their creative potential, their modernity and character. Moreover, PVC makes the product even more safe and comfortable. The quality of the material causes these frames and fixtures to be bad weather-resistant, contributing to keep unaltered the indoor temperature of the building.

The bill is not the only thing affected by the installation of PVC frames, in fact, compared to other typologies, PVC is accessible and affordable, without quality and performances being compromised. How it possible? It is linked to the fact that the production costs are lower.

Secure, water-proof and lightweight: the PVC frames produced in Fano by Futura Infissi respect all of these features and are customisable too.

Aluminium frames in Fano by Futura Infissi

Aluminium frames are mostly used in offices or big building. Aluminium is an efficient element which permits to create long-lasting and safe doors and windows with remarkable thermal and acoustic properties. It is a surprisingly light material that, thanks to the natural formation of an oxide layer, protects itself from the gradual corrosion and does not need particular maintenance.

Wooden frames for your house in Fano

Wooden frames are optimal thermal insulators and represent the most frequently used type of frames for houses located in cold and humid places. They were once considered “delicate” but given the latest production technologies they now only require minimum interventions of maintenance. Wooden frames in Fano can be easily personalised and refined, they are suitable for big or small sized windows, and infuse a profound sense of comfort and familiar warmth at the sight.

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We work in all the Marche region and not only, realising innovative and effective products for private customers, companies and public bodies. Our strength comes with the choice of top quality raw materials only, to always offer valuable frames. Safety, thermal and acoustic performance and functionality: these are the fundamentals to operate in the market and guarantee the maximum durability and safety over time.

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