The difference between pergolas and awnings is that the formers are not retractable. They are, in fact, elegant shading structures, created to provide the best liveability of the outdoor spaces, through the best covering systems. Their main functionality is, indeed, represented by an impeccable stability, which makes them suitable for any period of the year as they are supplied of a fixed structure to which a different cover, based on the client’s requirements, is applied.

Our pergolas are solid and resistant, adapt to various contexts and environments, to guarantee a wider manoeuvre margin.


The basic structure of a pergola can be either straight or sloped, it can be thinner or thicker based on the necessity of use and the covering can vary, becoming similar to a porch or taking the shape of a relaxing area outdoor, even when it is raining heavily.

The choice of the right covering for your pergola is essential: all of them are functional, but there are some types that area simpler and more traditional – conceived to repair from the rays of sun – or others which are more technological, made of steel and with lateral tracks to completely protect from wind and rain too.

Pergolas by Futura Infissi can be left open or closed, to enjoy the surroundings in a peaceful way, offering shelter from the stinging cold of winter, without, for that, giving up on living the connection with the outdoor.

Types of pergolas

Among the various types, we propose pergolas with folding cloth, a versatile classic in the category which performances are always satisfying. The same product can be made even sturdier, architectonically enriching the background through the presence of purlins on the top. There are other more contemporary and complete solutions, such as pergolas with support purlins and glass doors, folding and shading: for a total shielding.

A pergola can be completed with integrated eaves for rainwater collection, representing a green and, at the same time, functional solution. Or it can be completely closed, on each side, to create a private and cosy dehors.

Bioclimatic pergolas, with their adjustable lamellar blades, are the symbol of tech: they feature a minimal design and can cover any place with elegance, creating wonderful effects at first sight. Finally, every detail can be revised and personalised: from length to the number of purlins, from the colour shade to the material of the entire structure, included the presence of a covering glass, for a shielding solution that is also a furniture piece, fitting perfectly into the context.

Wood, aluminium, PVC: from lighter to sturdier materials, each one has advantages and specific features. For businesses or homes, every client can find the right covering to improve the aesthetic and quality of the place.

There are many possibilities, all studied to be suitable for more realities and architectural styles, to be an element in line with the rest of the building, as beauty matters too and, for us, the word “functionality” rhymes with “aesthetics” as our high-quality pergolas are products made of resistant, long-lasting materials.

Pergolas and environment: the Ecobonus 

Live the outdoor as if it were indoor and enjoy the sun without a prolonged and dangerous exposition to UV rays: enriching a pergola to make the underlying area lively and cosy is easy and fulfilling, encouraging original and creative ideas such as vertical gardens, folding cloths and many other solutions. Moreover, thanks to the function of shelter operated by the structure with a consequent energy saving, in Italy is still active the Ecobonus, an incentive that allows to save up to the 50% of the purchase and installation prices of pergolas and awnings, for an ever more affordable product.

The ideal pergola is the one which is eco-friendly since the moment of its production: our high-quality materials are certified, while the professional working methods we apply to guarantee stability, durability and efficiency, both energetic and in terms of usability, are sustainable.

We work with the aim of the clients’ complete satisfaction for making the place look vibrant and dynamic: after all the world is changing and adapting to this change, and incrementing the flowing interchange between indoor and outdoor is the right thing to do.

Our pergolas were envisaged to be adaptable to both private and public settings, to create an outdoor porch for the house or office, redefining the spaces, or to expand the area of a business, might it be a bar, a cafe, a restaurant or any other type of company. From steel to aluminium to PVC, any element used in the production has a specific function to obtain better structured pergolas, both aesthetically and functionally.

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