The awnings by Futura Infissi are innovative systems with strong technical features and a pleasant style. Designed to optimise the living quality of the space, they allow to live better both the outdoor and indoor of a building, guaranteeing protection from the sun, mitigated by the covering during the warmest days of the years, while sheltering from wind and rain during the bad weather days.

What is an awning?

An awning is a structure conceived to filter the sun when the light and warmth are too strong, like the indoor curtains do. The direct light of sun in fact can be dangerous for our health and create several inconveniences if you are trying to relax and live the outdoor space of a restaurant, office or house. To solve this problem specifically, we produce awnings that combine mechanical actions and technique to design, adapting to any style and necessity, always being cold and bad weather resistant.

Awnings: the various types

For the house or for a business, the awnings – also known as sun awnings – can be of different types. Pivot arm awnings are a classic to guarantee the best safety and durability, disappearing when they are not needed. Then there is the drop awning type, for screening any window or patio door from the sun: shading and characterised by a minimal design, it has steel or aluminium inserts, which confirm its quality and durability. Moreover, it is possible to choose the PVC variant, an ideal product for always having a shelter without giving up on the panoramic view.

The tension awnings provide, instead, a total covering. Easy to install, they represent a precious ally to take shelter from the heat, finding shadow, or to escape from rain and wind: thanks to the gas springs placed in the tracks, the cloth stays perfectly tense, offering a remarkable resistance.

It is important to know that they work at any incline, and they can be suitable for any kind of roof or clerestory. In the end, the true, everlasting classic is the basket awning, made of cloth or PVC and now available to buy in the easier motor-powered command version to open and close it without effort. This type of outdoor covering is often in line with the most traditional or antique architectural styles, for a building that does not have to give up on either comfort or authenticity.

Pivot arm awnings

Pivot arm awnings represent a practical solution which, thanks to their extendable and retractable structure, they are a safe choice in terms of durability. Functional, if opened it becomes a barrier against the direct sun light while, if closed, it disappears without obstructing the view. In this specific product the awning is enfolded around a steel support, ready to be extended when needed, being safe and easily retractable in case of bad weather.

Not only as the version with a container, inside which is placed the awning, the duration is an even stronger feature as it is protected from any danger or contaminating agent, from bad weather to heavy warmth or cold.

Colours, shapes – from curved to squared- and length of the structure can be chosen, while the mechanical part is sturdy and resistant to shocks as it is made of aluminium. The awning is made of PVC and is waterproof, filtering and optimised with ultra-sound and high-frequency technologies. Both the manual and automatic versions are available.

Drop awnings

This type of sun awning avails itself of a movable, vertical shielding system, with lateral steel cables. In this case too, therefore, the awning is completely retractable, but instead of the pivot arm type, it does not extent forward but drop awnings only extent frontally, for a complete outdoor shield towards the indoor, ideal for small and medium-sized buildings.

Their ease of use in the protection of windows, doors and porches, makes them an efficient solution, adapt to various facilities: from the most historical to the most modern. The structural part can be simple, with a roll, free falling and without a container, or more complex and complete of container and a lateral zip system to guide the fall of the covering. In this case many colours are available, the mechanic is made of aluminium, while the top layer, perfectly insulating and shading, is made of PVC.

Tension awnings

The tension awning is the strongest option concerning shocks and bad rough weather: designed to be the shelter for outdoor patios and porches, it is able to perfectly resist to the force of UV rays and to rainwater. Thanks to the sturdy supporting structure, it is a useful system for covering also pre-existent pergolas or glass rooftops. Tension awnings are open spaces with a permanently in tension covering, which does not move with wind as one might think, and the possibility to add an integrated gutter for rainwater.

The structure and the mechanical part are made of super-resistant aluminium, the covering is in PVC – waterproof and shading – and the incline is between the 13% and the 20%, in order to guarantee the correct discharge of rain. A version with a completely retractable always in tension covering is also available. It is strengthened by the presence of purlins. In this case too the available colours are plenty, for a greater adaptability of the product for various contexts.

Basket awnings

The basket awning made of cloth is an evergreen, ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that do not have a lot of space but find themselves in need to protect their building and activity from the sun. It is possible to choose between the basic, fixed model or the extensible one with different shapes: hooked, curved, semi-curved or triangular. This product is characterised by a retractable system, operating automatically or manually.

The mechanical part is, as for the other sun awnings, made of aluminium, while the blind can be made of PVC too, for an even stronger resistance to rain, or in cloth, for a more traditional style: in this case the possibilities of personalisation are noteworthy.


In conclusion, it is important to know that, in Italy, the Ecobonus is also valid in 2022. It is a fiscal detraction of the 50% of the purchase price to buy and install a covering, such as our awnings and pergolas, for existing places. This allows to improve the living conditions of a house, or working conditions of a company, eliminating energy waste and allowing guests to enjoy the outdoor of the building, being protected from both the UV rays and the rain, all of it at a favourable price.

Any of our awnings are safe and convenient, combining technology with utility and beauty, always in step with the latest mechanical techniques.

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