Aluminium, PVC and wooden frames


Our frames are made of quality materials, fabricated by experts and installed with care, to guarantee complete safety and to be long-lasting.

We create window frames with attention and experience. We offer a wide choice of types and materials. All of our frames are manufactured using the best and most suited element: wood, aluminium, wood and aluminium or PVC, always taking into account the security of the facility and the enhancement of the aesthetic side.


Aluminium windows are very sturdy as aluminium is, at the same time, a malleable and steady constituent. Furthermore, it is a valid and frequently used element that allows to produce long-lasting, safe and thermal and acoustic high-performance window frames. The finishes can be chosen carefully by the client (opaque, shiny, sandblast) as this type of window frame is able to satisfy any kind of request, even the most refined.


And then again: the PVC windows are made of a thermoplastic element, obtained from natural raw materials, which principal characteristic is versatility. In addition to the excellent quality-price ratio, it offers an extensive rage of colours and is especially resistant to water and wind, being easily suitable for any kind of building.


Wooden windows represent tradition, a timeless number one choice of undoubtable quality. Always been a clear choice for their durability, they are made of a sustainable material available in different colours – from light-wood shades to the darkest ones – which, through the tactile look and the warmest nuances provides warmth to the environment.


Windows, assembled using a mix of wood and aluminium combine the solidity of aluminium and the durability of wood, creating an exclusive encounter. Density adds to the features of both to further facilitate the resistance to the wear of time and to noise pollution. Additionally, they are aesthetically elegant and refined.

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