Security fixtures


Security fixtures

Security, especially in our field, is not a plus but a must, a subject of fundamental importance. All the those who are part of the company Futura Infissi, through the use of great-quality raw materials e the competence of experts, work every day to deliver products that guarantee serenity to those who choose them. We provide several solutions, from armoured doors to security blinds, arriving to small gates, window bars and gratings of any kind and size, together with other customized security fixtures.

Let’s talk about… safety and break-in attempts in Italy: the latest data

It is commonly heard that Italy is a fairly safe country speaking about robbery and break-ins. This, though, is only partly true.

According to 2021 ranking with a sample of over 100 italian cities, in any of them the crime rate, based on various recorded violations, was examined. It was found that in some cities were registered over 400 charges every 100.000 residents, only taking into account home breaking and entering. If we add to those 400 the other 200 charges for theft in commercial activities then it is easily understandable that the percentage is getting higher. This is the reason why protecting our house or company by all means is essential, starting from the installation of security fixtures.


Armoured doors, besides representing a guarantee of security and durability, can also be aesthetically elegant and visually impressive. The range of options as regards the outer or inner layers is wide: it goes from the most classic version, made of wood, until the totally modern choice with more particular patterns and textures. Moreover, it is possible to decide the desired or required safety degree.

Which is the difference between an armoured door and a traditional one?

Despite the word itself suggesting it, it is always useful to know why a door is considered armoured. Every door is composed by several parts and, in the case of the armoured type, every part is made further safe, resistant and performing thanks to a more specific production, such that it results almost impossible to try and force it. The different components, from the frame to the counter-frame, passing through the hinges and the locks, are reinforced, guaranteeing sealing. The inner structure is completely made of steel, wall-mounted, adhering to all the parts of the door. Sealed, hermetic: these are the words to define an armoured door. Of course, aesthetics cannot be forgotten as appearance matters too. Thanks to the external panels the armoured door will be not only 100% safe, but also customisable and nice-looking, according to taste and need. For example, when it comes to a main entrance of a building, its aesthetics will have to reflect the rest of the block  and its front doors.


The security blinds are functional and practical, they are also 100% efficient thanks to the use of steel supports that make almost impossible to force them open. They are easy to maintain and have an hermetic closure that prevents the light from filtering. They are also, in terms of aesthetics, as good as the classic variants of blinds.

Did you know that windows are the favourite “entrance” of thieves and housebreakers? This is why, applying security blinds to your windows is a good idea, in order to sleep better.


Window bars, gratings and small gates can be used both for houses or any other type of building and are built in various sizes and types, all equally highly resistant to impacts and attempts of breaking and entering. Why is it possible? Because of sturdy raw materials, such as steel and iron. Window bars and gratings can be applied to any kind of doors or French doors and are available in manual or automated versions, other than more or less stylish and elaborate variants. Window bars, gratings and small gates should not be seen as annoying fixtures for safety. The most modern manufacturing techniques permit to create visually pleasing versions.

From armoured doors to blinds, from window bars to gates: our security fixtures carry out their protective function and are long-lasting and performative too. With their remarkable aesthetic quality, they are suitable for any kind of decor and interior design, both at home or at the office.

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