Sliding windows and patio doors


Sliding windows and patio doors are suitable for both the exterior and interior of a house and are increasingly appreciated as a category of fixtures, especially in the fields of design and architecture. Not frequently used in the past, nowadays, thanks to their great potential, they represent a certainty and, especially, a choice of personality.

Sliding windows: the features

Sliding windows are characterised by two panel sections: one movable and one fixed. Not only they are very useful fixtures, but they are also furniture accessories, available in many different variations, from the most contemporary to the most classic, elegant and functional, made of wood and aluminium.

These windows are space savers, without compromising the beauty and safety of the building. The mode of operation of this kind of fixture is very simple: the panels are installed on rotating rollers which move on a fixed track, parallel to the wall.


The use of wide windows and sliding glass windows is an innovation that redefines the concept of space: it completely eliminates the architectural barriers, allowing to come into contact with the surroundings and have a complete and natural illumination. The glass they are made of is highly resistant to both external and internal shocks, while aluminium neutralises potential inconveniences such as noise pollution, cold and bad weather, promoting thermal and acoustic insulation.

Windows and patio doors are the best outdoor ally: they guarantee safety, duration and the comfort of a fast access between the interior and the exterior.

Modern and stylish, they are a great resource, both aesthetic and functional: beyond the ease of the closing and opening system, they consider the possibility of integrating an antitheft system, exponentially increasing the safety of the building.


Indoor sliding doors allow to save space, creating openings and open space areas, prerequisite that makes them structurally and functionally appreciated. Not only, but they are also considered good-looking, as they can be personalised through endless colour options, from the most daring shades to the most natural woodgrain, and by combining different materials, sometimes heterogenous, like glass and aluminium.


Indoor sliding doors can also be pocket doors or exterior wall sliding doors, creating visually different effects, but always guaranteeing the same functional quality and mechanism: they slide on a track that can be attached to the ceiling or directly to the wall. The first option follows the idea of a frame, of a non-door, while the external version gives that extra touch to the house, for those who are always up for a change.

The sliding doors will significantly help to save space in those areas of the house where there is the necessity to connect two or more spaces in a versatile and effective way.

Pocket doors, hidden inside the wall, require a simple installation work as the opening takes place through a counter-frame placed inside the wall. The main advantage of this choice is represented by the sliding units, that vanish inside the wall and allow to save further space for other pieces of furniture, such as closets and bookcases.

The exterior wall door framings, instead, represents the ideal choice when there is no possibility to intervene on the wall to install the counter-frame. In this case it is possible to choose among various types of sliding mechanisms, with different aesthetic results. For example, through exterior sliding track systems or with bargeboards – built in the ceiling or free, based on necessity.

Which material should you choose for your sliding doors?

Aside from the material used, any door or sliding fixture has to be considered a space-saver solution that makes the room look elegant, clean, tidy, with a minimalist touch.

The effect is immediately pleasant to the eye: not only it creates a continuum among spaces and rooms, but the whole house will appear brighter. It is a useful solution to organise space in a small sized apartment, it is also a design solution for those flats that are a symbol of our contemporary days, the so called “open spaces”.

The materials that compose the sliding door may vary to adapt to different contexts. Wood windows and doors recall warmth, sobriety and the fireplace of a cosy house with a never-ending liveliness.

Wood is a fantastic thermal insulating material and its duration in time, if correctly preserved, is optimal. Aluminium, with its modern and refined aspect, is ideal for contemporary spaces, guaranteeing at the same time its duration. PVC, in the end, is an up-to-date solution, result of the last century, and it is both practical and affordable, available in countless colours.

Futura Infissi produces sliding doors and windows for any kind of need: every house has its own style that must be respected, together with the constant preservation of security and solidity.

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