Wooden front doors and armoured doors


Wooden front doors are constitutive elements which main task is to protect the building and, at the same time, defined its style at first sight.

Security is a factor that cannot be neglected or underestimated by any means, therefore the more a building front door is resistant, the more who enters is going to benefit from it. In Futura Infissi we are specialised in safety standards, assuring our customers a peaceful sleep in their house or a pleasant stay anywhere else.

Pivot security doors: safety, space and design

A pivot security door is an armoured door with a single panel pivot opening wall-flush and a frame with double closing points, both on the hinge and the lock sides. High quality materials and exceptional attention to details, combined with an exclusive design, make this product more than a simple armoured door: it is a true furniture element, infusing safety and uniqueness. Also, attention is given to comfort: to the thermal and acoustic performances, draft and waterproof qualities.

All the front doors all essential elements of a house: from one side they guarantee the security all the families need to sleep peacefully, from the other they have that magnificence which instils a refined elegance to the facility, opting for the most suitable style, reflecting the characteristics of the building. Usually, the choice lies in wooden front doors and armoured doors and, nowadays, increased attention is paid towards this kind of doors, choosing carefully resistant materials that are also pleasant to the eye. Futura Infissi supplies top quality wooden front doors and armoured doors, made by professionals and experts and created to be custom-sized.

Wooden doors are bulkier and sturdier than interior doors and add personality and strength to the building. Their main aim is to guarantee the 100% of security, aim we have achieved by putting major attention to their production and details, necessary elements for a great service. Front doors, made of high-quality materials, can be customised based on taste or specific requirements: from the most traditional version to contemporary design.

Pivot security doors

Wooden front doors

Our wooden front doors are realised with care and a specific handcrafted method, custom-made based on the customer’s requirements. Wood makes a building look elegant and timeless, without affecting its safety, thanks to the addition of steel supports during construction. Wood, moreover, is versatile and can be aesthetically personalised based on taste and needs, from colour to details.

Wood is, without any doubt, the symbol of an everlasting material: by choosing it for a front door, the customer satisfaction is a certainty, as it is adaptable to any kind of style, from traditional to contemporary. The degree of customisation that can be reached by using wood is wide: it will be possible to choose between raw or painted varieties, among different heights, products with a single panel or two and even different shapes, as there are increased requests about arch shapes instead of squared ones. All these peculiarities can be obtained only relying on competent companies, able to personalise doors without compromising the quality aspect.

Are wooden front doors really safe?

Wood is considered by many as a inadequate material to guarantee safety and resistance. However, this opinion is wrong, as wooden front doors are extremely sturdy, also thanks to the presence of specific steel supports, inserted between the wooden panels. This allows to combine the elegance of wood to the strength of steel.

Armoured security doors

Armoured security doors are a further guarantee for your house, office or any other building. For indoor and outdoor use, they are resistant to shocks, break-ins, fire, and are thermal and acoustic insulators, with the highest level of safety. Moreover, thanks to modern technology and design research, beauty is not an extra: the product can be covered in many ways, giving voice to creativity.

Security doors, also called armoured doors, represent the highest degree of protection for one’s house. These main doors are composed of steel layers, attached to a steel frame and able to resist to various sorts of stresses. The advantage is not only the resistance to possible physical damages though, but also the protection from break-ins, fire and noises. If wood is considered to be good-looking but their sturdiness is questioned, here is the opposite: many think that the size of the armoured doors is not able to guarantee a pleasant product at sight, but design evolves over time, and it is now possible to coat the door to make it more elegant.

The safety of armoured doors

The armoured doors are classified by degree of shock-resistance; for this purpose, six different classes were defined, to mark their anti-theft qualities. The first class of resistance is the less powerful, in fact the armoured door can be open after various and intense physical efforts in three minutes, while the following classes see a progressive increment of opposition to attempts of break-ins, with a consequent increase of price. From this point of view is also possible to select the most adapt class to the needs of the user, taking into account that, for a regular house, it is enough to rely on second, third or maximum furth class armoured doors.

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