COVID-19 Protective barriers

FUTURA INFISSI - COVID-19 Protective barriers

Futura Infissi designed and realised a line of protective barriers that allow to isolate the public workers from Coronavirus (Sars Covid-19). Futura has immediately reacted to limit the spread of the virus and take care of the workers’ health, doing its best to protect, in the first place, shops and businesses that produce or deliver services and goods of first necessity. Our barriers are ideal for bars, restaurants, pizzeria, public offices, banks, supermarkets and shops.

Protective barriers against Coronavirus are easy to install and protect the staff members working in close contact with the public from virus and bacteria. They are made of aluminium and stratified with 6mm of safety transparent crystal, plus plexiglass supports.


Conceived to protect the till desk workers in supermarkets, shops and all types of selling activities.

Barriere protettive da coronavirus da banco ideale per supermercati e attività di vendita


Suitable for bar, restaurants, pizzerias, public offices, banks and pharmacies.

Barriere protettive da coronavirus ideali per uffici pubblici, banche, farmacie

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